Our Expertise

We don't just create software solutions - we customize them to meet your unique business demands.

EvoMall is not only software, but also experienced team that support all functional processes launch from operations to marketing. We have brought together leaders in their fields to offer unique IT solutions with deep expertise in retail and logistics.

Why Us

Why Us

Deep Understanding

We understand the business, and that’s our core advantage. As skilled experts in retail, we know all about market challenges and the needs of today’s shoppers.

Retail Expertise

Our approach is based on deep expertise in retail, logistics and IT development fields, that helps us to take care about every aspect of digital transformation.

Goal-oriented Approach

We study every request deeply and select the most appropriate tools to implement the best system solutions for each client. Our main goal is to increase each client's income in the optimal timeframe and at the lowest cost.

Consulting Industries

Consulting Industries

With our extensive experience in these areas, we can help you develop a winning strategy and take all the necessary steps to achieve success. Whatever your starting point, we can help you assess where you are today and map out the most efficient path to your ideal end state.

Retail and Dark Stores

Marketplaces and E-Commerce

Restaurants and Dark Kitchens

Supply Chain Management

What We Can Do for You

What We Can Do for You

What We Can Do for You

Customer Behavior Research

We help you understand your customers' behavior and needs to make them more easy to meet.

Operations Consulting

We can develop customized solutions to optimize your operational processes and reduce costs.

Development of a financial model

We can develop a suitable model for your future finance function.

Training and Education

We provide training to make sure that your staff work efficiently and consistently with new solutions. 

Consulting Benefits You Will Receive

Operations simplification

Optimized operations

Automated processes

Ability to



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Increased process consistency

Do you need any help scaling your retail business?

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We implement innovations in retail and logistics!

Our main goal is to increase the client's income with the most relevant tools. We select only those tools that will allow us to achieve the best results in the optimal timeframe and at the lowest cost.